UCCVR is committed to engaging the global VR/AR Creators Community through the UCCVR Venture Funds & VR/AR Accelerator.


UCCVR is started by a group of enthusiasts who believe in the simple vision that where like-minded technologists & content creators come together, we will be able to jointly create an unlimited world where creativity will be unleashed leveraging the latest VR/AR technology.


We provide investment funding for VR/AR startups. The fund is focused on seed/angel & series A round which are primarily early stage investments. We’re looking for Ultimate Creators who might possess great vision & ideas, coupled with tenacious execution skills and most importantly, the passion for future technologies.


Our “Metaverse” provides an environment designed to help VR/AR startups succeed. We provide not only subsidized office spaces, but startup accelerator-like educational programs, industry resources and development support to hopefully help these startups get ramped up as soon as possible  


UCCVR experience lab embrace the creativity freedom in the new digital era, We have a dedicated cross-disciplinary team of experts who work closely with our clients to design and develop bespoke Virtual Reality experiences that are highly engaging and truly unforgettable.


Be Inspired

The right combination of useful professional advice and introductions from a wealth of industry veterans can have a meaningful impact on a startup’s success.

Be Connected

Thanks to a community based network & our broad based industry events, we help startups quickly build up relationships and partnerships with some of the top industry partners in the VR/AR space.

Be Focused

UCCVR consists of IT/Gaming/Digital Advertisement industry veterans who are from the related industries & are primarily focused on helping these VR/AR contents startups make a difference in what they do.

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